Wonderful is an online payment provider for UK registered charities. It utilises Open Banking to dramatically streamline and simplify the process of making an online donation, whilst eliminating the costs traditionally incurred by the charity for processing the payment.

Charities currently receiving online donations via credit/debit card payments can expect to pay up to 8% of the donation value in platform and transaction fees. By switching to Wonderful, charities pay no fees (subject to fair usage). Donors experience a far simpler, more user-friendly payment flow.

Wonderful also provides the 100% fee-free online fundraising platform, Wonderful.org (more information below).

Get started with Wonderful's online donation service by submitting an application now:


Charities registered with Wonderful can also opt to be listed at Wonderful.org - the 100% fee-free online fundraising platform, which allows members of the public to raise money for charity as part of a fundraising event.

Fundraising pages at Wonderful.org ensure that every penny reaches the nominated charity. The platform is funded through the generosity of corporate sponsors, so there are no setup fees for charities, no commission or cuts taken from donations, no transaction fees, and no 'tip jars' requested from those who choose to donate.

To get started, submit a charity application at wonderful.co.uk using the button above.

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