Wonderful makes the most of Open Banking - a new government-backed initiative that securely transfers ownership and control of account information from the bank to the customer.

Open Banking means Wonderful can offer highly secure, instant, online payments for charities by directly connecting with the donor’s existing bank accounts.

How it works

  • Your charity adds a Wonderful donation button to its website or links to its charity profile page on the Wonderful website;

  • The donor clicks the Donate button which opens a pop-up window asking them to enter (or select) an amount for their donation;

  • The donor is asked to provide an email address;

  • An email is immediately sent to them, prompting them to open this on their mobile device;

  • The email we send confirms the amount and recipient (your charity) and asks the donor to select their bank;

  • The donor’s mobile bank app is opened in the usual way (password, biometrics) showing the payment details. With one click, the donor can approve and send the donation.

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