Wonderful provides a completely free donation processing service for UK registered charities, subject to fair use.

Fair use is defined as any donation volume up to 1,000 individual transactions per month.

What if my charity goes over this limit?

If your charity receives more than 1,000 individual donations in a given month, a flat fee of 10p per transaction (+ VAT) applies - but only to those transactions above the monthly 1,000 limit.

In the unlikely event that fees are due, charities will be invoiced retrospectively.

No other fees or charges apply for the use of the Wonderful service.

How we stack up

Card processors charge fees on every donation. In addition to a pence-per-transaction rate, these fees are calculated as a percentage of the transaction value, making larger donations very expensive to receive.

For comparison, one of the world's leading card payment providers charges 1.4% + 20p per transaction.* For a £40 donation, that’s 76p - more than seven times our fee. If the donation is £400, card fees increase to £5.80, whilst our charge stays at just 10p.

*Figures obtained Dec 2021

What about Wonderful.org?

Wonderful.org is a 100% free service for UK registered charities. The fair usage policy outlined above does not apply to donations received via the Wonderful.org platform. The platform is funded by the generosity of its corporate sponsors - the entire service is completely fee-free, regardless of donation volume.

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